Week# 12 AR, Virtual Reality

    “The tools today are primitive. And people aren’t using primitive tools because they prefer primitive tools. They’re using primitive tools because we’re still early on the journey to creating better tools.” — Mark Zuckerber

    We are fortunate to have live in a time when technology is fast developing. We hear and see different inventions and ideas come up and ready to be used.AR and Virtual reality technologies are just few examples of modern technology that we can use in the classroom. Google introduced us to virtual reality experiences in almost any topic we can be interested in. I have used Google’s sea life in a new and multidimensional experience in its Discover Sea Life.

    Students looked at sea habitat and the animals that live in it. We did not have google cardboard but they enjoyed watching the images in our smartboard. We looked at the Galapagos Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Elliot Island, Canal de Sela Gineta, The Coast of Bali, and the Cook Island in the South Pacific. We will discover and interact with animals on our next activity using Google’s Augmented Reality tool.


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